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Pre-K and D.C. public schools

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Lead from the Start: Pre-K and D.C. public schools

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pre-K and D.C. public schools

The question mark is the story in a Washington Post article on Pre-K in the Nation's capital. D.C. has not been known for its quality schooling options. In looking at options for expanding pre-k the reality is:
Some of these facilities are good, but many are dreadful, as evidenced by the unreadiness of many kindergartners in the city's public schools.

But, D.C.'s recent hiring of two former Teach for America "graduates" seems to be moving the school system in positive directions. The Chancellor of D.C. schools, Michelle Rhee and the Vice Chancellor Jason Kamras (the 2005 National Teacher of the Year) are both TFA alumni. I receive an offer every spring to become a principal in D.C. because of my status as an NBCT. I can see the push for high quality professionals as a solution really working to change the context of public schools in the capital city. But what happens if they succeed and turn D.C. schools around because they find and recruit the best and the brightest. Will the rest of the nation follow suit?



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