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Lead from the Start: Obama and Mr. Tilson

Monday, January 07, 2008

Obama and Mr. Tilson

I received this cartoon in an email from Whitney Tilson. Mr. Tilson is an interesting character. He is a self described education reformer. He is a strong proponent of many right wing ed reforms but he seems to be a devout Dem. He is a huge supporter of Barack Obama for president, even though he is disappointed in his education plan. He is pro charter schools, a founding member of teach for america, and works with KIPP. He has a lot of good ideas. He also has some hair brained ideas, like calling Linda Darling-Hammond a shill for the teacher's unions and attacking Jonathon Kozol as a crackpot because he is against NCLB.

I really don't think he has any education experience with actual kids but I still think we are on the same team. I think. As long as that side is the same side the kids are on.

The most important idea I took away from my first semester of doc school is that in our post-modern world we are only left with perspectives. That is why I continue to seek out ones that differ from my own.


At 10:50 AM, Blogger Paul Hammond said...

Of course the last time this happened we had a civil war and 650,000 dead.


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