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Lead from the Start: TLN Five out of Ten

Friday, December 28, 2007

TLN Five out of Ten

The Teacher Leaders Network was present as 5 of the top 10 stories for 2007. It makes me very proud to be a member of this organization. If you are into teaching and don't read TM, you can get a free subscription by going to the website. COngratulations Anthony Cody, Mary Tedrow, Anne Jolly, and the entire TLN organization for supporting teacher leadership nationally.

Here are the top ten stories from the website.

December 27, 2007


Get these and other stories at:

Why Teachers Quit
A new survey reveals why former teachers quit the profession.

Creating Readers: Part I
Donalyn Miller, self proclaimed "book whisperer" and sixth grade
teacher, answers your questions on inspiring and creating "real"
readers and writers in the classroom.

TLN -- Teaching Secrets: Students Behave When Teachers Engage
Veteran teacher Anthony Cody shares tips on classroom management.

New Thinking on Staff Development
Teachers and researchers have common perspectives on what works in
professional development.

TLN -- Team-Oriented Teaching
Author Anne Jolly sees collaborative work among teachers as the
future of professional development.

TLN -- Teacher Talk: What To Do About Reading?
Members of the Teacher Leaders Network discuss concerns about
students' reading habits and debate new literacy instructional ideas.

Creating Readers: Part II
Donalyn Miller, self-proclaimed "book whisperer" and sixth grade
teacher, answers readers' questions about motivating boys to read
>and the role of parent involvement.

TLN -- Teaching Secrets: Students Can Do Hard Things
A big part of teaching is helping students realize they are capable
of doing far more than they think, says Anthony Cody.

TLN -- Senior Year: A Teenage Wasteland
Virginia teacher Mary Tedrow believes that, for many students,
senior year is a waste.

Classroom Podcasting 101
Technology expert and author Bard Williams shares advice about
podcasting for teachers.


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