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Lead from the Start: our friend returns

Saturday, December 22, 2007

our friend returns

You may remember that one of my students was diagnosed with Leukemia in early October. She has been receiving spinal taps and chemotherapy for the last 10 weeks. Thanks to her mom and my awesome students we have been able to help L. to continue to feel like she is part of the class. Through our blog, some student visits to her house, my regular visits, and communication with her homebound instructor, L. has continued to be part of the life of the classroom. It is a good thing too. In January she will be returning for 2 hrs a day twice a week with the assistance of her homebound instructor.

She came to our winter celebration last Friday. Seeing her back in our circle and the joy on her mother's face brought me to tears. Hopefully she will continue to recover, and her presence in our class again will teach us all something about the important things in life. The stuff you learn in preschool.


At 9:58 PM, Blogger Jose said...

that's great to hear for you and your class. even or especially during a break like this, it's great to see people actually care about students outside of the classroom.


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