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How stuff works (or what should we really be teaching kids?)

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Lead from the Start: How stuff works (or what should we really be teaching kids?)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

How stuff works (or what should we really be teaching kids?)

I ask you, "What content is important to 'know'?" I have been thinking a lot about Standards of Learning here in Virginia and around the country. I want to figure out what is vital for every kid to know and be able to do? If some wonks and policy makers have their way we would have a National curriculum to solve the NCLB problem. But, how can anyone decide for everyone what is the absolutely most important things to know besides the basic life skills.

Just check out this website "How Stuff Works" and tell me, with resources like this is there anything besides being able to read, write, do math, do science, live in a community, and use google, that kids absolutely need to know?

With the breadth and depth of topics available on the web what more do you need to graduate besides the ability to find, process, understand, construct, and use information in the context of society?

How to Find Water in the Wild

Let's say you get lost in the woods. You're by yourself and don't really have any supplies. You know you need to find water -- but how? And how do you make it safe to drink?
How to Build a Shelter | How Water Works

Or how about this one:
Is Batman a sociopath?

Gotham City citizens rely on Batman to protect them from the schemes of madmen. But could Batman, like so many of the inmates he's sent to Arkham Asylum, be a sociopath as well?
How the Batmobile Works | How the Batsuit Works


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