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Lead from the Start: Finding NCLB

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finding NCLB

In my spare minute today, I set out to find one of my favorite and controversial bloggers, Alexander Russo. I found him at He has moved to from ed-week. He posted this quote of the week from a comment on one of his blogs.

"Our logic was explicit: creating loopholes to delay the damage until the Republican governors came to our rescue...Where we crossed a moral line was when districts adopted tricks that directly damaged children."

Then I found this awesome quote from the same comment:

"the Feds continued to go utopian on us"

This pretty much defines NCLB for me. I know it is an important law that has opened many eyes to the "unseen" subgroups from previous accountability reforms. But, to "go utopian" on educators and students contradicts what many see as the democratic foundations of education. It denies the real attention to real undeserved populations. Perfection is the enemy of progress.


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