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Monday, March 20, 2006

Relentlessly Positive

I have a new battle cry.
Relentlessly positive.
I encountered a new experience this past week when I got into a heated (not really heated more like micorwaved) conversation with a fellow teacher leader. It was microwaved because it was warm on the inside but cold on the outside and it was over really quick. (Ding!)
I have to say that I was being very irrational but some of what I said I meant. The chorus being, if you don't like what the school administration is doing. Talk to them about it behind closed doors. This teacher whom I respect a great deal, had been frustrated with our school environment. Instead of talking to the parties involved she held it for a long time, (it is March) and then started encouraging other teachers to transfer or leave. All of this served to get me in a serious funk about teacher leadership in general and my own practice in particular. Then I had a conversation with my instructional assistant. We talked about how to cope with negativity. Our conversation ventually lead to a mantra or battle cry (two very differenet things by the way.) We will just try to keep each other bouyant by being....
Relentlessly Positive.


At 5:19 AM, Blogger hil said...

Kudos to you on this post. Definitely being relentlessly positive pulls you through the muck of toxic negativity. My co-teacher and I work hard at maintaining this attitude as wade the hall of polluted thinking. It's okay to be okay with what is. What we say to each other is, "Remember the big picture" and then we laugh off the silly sprays...


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