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Lead from the Start: He got to leave the classroom

Saturday, March 18, 2006

He got to leave the classroom

Subject: "He Got To Leave the Classroom"

Bill (Ferriter of N.C. and soon to be NAtional TOY "fingers crossed") is always dropping bombs.
He commented on a colleague who said that it was great he was going to be the reagional TOY because he might get to leave the classroom for a year.
"He go to leave the classroom" is a comment that has parametersattatched that aren't really addressed. THe rest of the comment is "for ayear." Because, of course, if you left the classroom for more than a year,you would be a sell out and we would have to say that "he crossed over tothe dark side of teacher leadership." Leaving to the classroom to improveedcation.THere is new position available in our area, (Richmond, VA) called, a beginning teacher advisor. If you get the job you, "Get to leave the classroom" for two years and then you are garaunteed (sp) a teaching position in your school division. WHile you are a BTA you mentor about 15
I might apply in a couple years. Truthfully, it might be the only way iwould leave the classroom at this point. I have so much fun teaching thekids and I feel like i am really getting better at it. I don\'t want toleave while i am on a roll. Also, it is highly unlikely I will ever benamed a teacher of the year as a HEad Start teacher. I am not likely to betapped to be Curriculum specialist, turn-around specialist, site basedprofessional devevelopment specialist or other type of "teacher Leader" on the dark side of teacher leadership. So, leaving temporarily, according to the logic of the comment is "Getting to."

LEaving to improve education is ....
.....John H."There are only two kinds of music. Good and bad."Ray Charles-----------------------------


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