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Lead from the Start: Heroes

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Another comment by Bill Ferriter prompted this writing.
Infallible Leader of our YouthBillI think it may go even farther than a myth. I think we, in America, have acycle of ingrained Hero creation and destruction that causes us to end uphating our leaders. I wonder how this concept may relate to our constantneed for school reform. "Back to Basics will save us!!" What aboutthe "WHole child!!" and whole language!! Outcomes based Education!! NOOStandards based education!! All of these reforms meant to save publicschools. Our school reform heroes. I have one for the "battle cry" .
Good teaching is good teaching!!
Maybe if the reform movement that I think we are creating here and across America, with accomplished teachers becoming leaders and taking up the mantle of "reflective practice." We can end the cycle of reform assasination. I have always been mystified by the anger and frustration that is aimed towards principals as school leaders. Most people I know hate their boss. I remember hating my cooperating teacher and then eventually growing to love her. Here I am with a student teacher and I can't help but wonder ifshe thinks I'm as crazy as I thought mine was. I have seen this assasination occur first hand when teachers have said "Wow, a national board certified teacher. Aren't you fancy."I think we have maybe even seen some of that struggle here when TLNmembers have discussed leaving the classroom for leadership and

Of course, as enlightned school leaders we know better but... But I think it may even be that these new school leaders are fearful that they will become one of "them." Those that can be "assassinated"I can't help but hope that this isn't the case. That these school leaderswho have the gumption to step out of the classroom to lead, will not feelthey are leaving the frontlines for the rear command but knocking down themyth that says we will always need another reform.I could go on and on but Joseph Cambell is telling me to shut up and watchthe movie. Luke Skywalker is about face-off against school reform.-----------


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