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Lead from the Start: Are schools too girl friendly

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Are schools too girl friendly

This has always been an interesting and hot topic for me. As a malepreschool teacher of disadvantaged (sp) children I have seen many of mybrightest boys go on to fail in later grades. I have to say this questionalso begs the question are certain grade levels and subjects too girl-friendly or boy-friendly? As far as I know much presvious research hasbeen done into bias against girls in math and science especially in highergrade levels. IN lower grade levels my experience has been that many boysare not ready to sit still until 3rd grade though they are expected to sitstill much younger and for longer times than are considered appropriate byNAEYC. I have seen one teacher of 5th grade be extremeley successfullwith boys and girls. Once a day the class did kick boxing. Once a day theyalso did a line dance.My assistant and I did small groups by sex last week and she enjoyed itbecause she was able to communicate some concepts more quickly in eachgroup but, I will never really know if it is helpful for my studentsbecause they are so young.Here I am all fired up and my thoughts are still a mess. I have morequestions. It is obvious there is bias in public schools but1. Is the bias in the curriculm or the teaching?2. Is the bias in the teachers or the students? (society in general)3. Which parts of this question do we have control over and which partsare out of our hands?THis is the first time I have had more questions than opinions on theforum. I really want to hear some multiple age perspectives on this topicso that I can develop a more global view.


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