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Lead from the Start: Back Stabbing

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Back Stabbing

Nancy talked about leaving the classroom to be a teacher leader and becoming ridiculed by her former colleagues.

Here was my response.

I am sorry to hear your story. Just another sad one in a long history ofteacher back stabbing. Please understand that I speak with the sincerestirony about the dark-side of teacher leadership. Also know that I believewe are in the midst of an education reform. I want to term the reform ananti-reform, or the death of reform, or the Teacher Led Reform movement.When i look at education from the stand point of where it will be in 10-20-30- 130 years I see an end to this back stabbing.I have to say that much of the fear that comes through in my post ispersonal. I am just begining to step up to the plate as a teacher leaderin a school that is about to be taken over by the State Dept. of Ed. Yes,teachers will be replaced without requesting a transfer.I know I will beone of them, the ones that were not asked to leave, the ones that are apart of the organization that took someones job.I am also working with the local teacher ed. dept. on mentoring preserviceand begining teachers as well as supporting NBC candidates. I am steppingforward and watching my back.I know that I may lose something in the process (niavete sp?)but it willbe how I define my situation that determines if I am a part of a TeacherLed Reform or another casualty of the threshing machine that pulls us alldown.
With humor and a positive attitude mounatins are mole hills and and anysummit is achievable.(me)


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