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Lead from the Start: Yes We Can (Is anything real in polictics?)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yes We Can (Is anything real in polictics?)

As covered by my friend John Sarvay on Buttermilk and Molasses
the Obama video continues to spiral viral. An excellent article in the Washington Post discusses the making and breaking wave of the video. It also asks the important questions I mentioned in my earlier post this way:
The people behind the video say the Illinois Democrat's campaign had nothing to do with the video. "The intention," Dylan said yesterday, "was to make a really simple thing. . . . It was like, 'Super Tuesday's coming, let's try and get this up, maybe it can help a bit.' We weren't doing it for the campaign. We were doing it for what [Obama] said in the speech. . . . I believe the words he had to say."
So, I still question the authenticity of this effort by the cultural elite to support Obama. Is it me or the world we live in the makes me question everyone's motives? If it turns out that Obama's campaign had anything to do with the video or its' release it loses its' appeal for me. I'm not sure what would be sadder, being afraid that it isn't real and holding back my belief in it or believing it is and then finding out I've been duped. Again.


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