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Lead from the Start: Post-modern Educational Paintings (Stilbruch)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Post-modern Educational Paintings (Stilbruch)

As some may know, I am in a doctoral cohort in ed leadership. I was in class Tuesday night and we were discussing logical positivism and post-modernism in educational research. I offered the perspective of post-modernism in literature to understand the viewpoint.

Then, in describing post-modernism in art, my teacher started talking about one of my paintings. It was surreal. She wasn't describing my painting but, the building my painting is of. The contrast of the highway and the 19th century architecture.

In looking at this painting and comparing it to educational research it is important to realize, as I try to communicate in this painting, that even though the highway and the train station contrast there is no value judgment about which is better. I appreciate the rythym and the lines of the highway, the structure of the train tracks and the design of the station. Every architecural voice makes a valid assertion about beauty and functionality. The German word for this is : Stilbruch

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