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the age of conceptualization and creativity

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Lead from the Start: the age of conceptualization and creativity

Friday, January 19, 2007

the age of conceptualization and creativity

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach never fails to inspire me. The fact that I have only posted twice in 6 months and she is the inspiration for both should be the testament to this truth.

I have to say that the phrase: "the age of conceptualization and creativity" sends shivers down my spine as an educator. When I think of what the future holds for my little 3 year old students and what they really need to be prepared for it I get very excited and scared.

I get even more excited for how Web 2.0 will affect teachers. I have experienced the effect of collaborating with high quality professionals through TLN . I want to bring this world of pwerful professional development and community to my little corner of the south.

I have decided to pursue my doctorate in educational leadership. There is one major reason for this.

I want to improve education for students by empowering teachers.
I could probably work at this for ten years as a teacher before finally losing steam and deciding to get out of education or move up the ladder. I figure, Why wait ten years to make the same decision so ... I have begun the long road to the land of respect that a doctorate instaneously imparts on the posessor. In a converstaion with a representative of the State Dept. of Ed. He said as much to me, when he got his doctorate, all of a sudden he had credibility. I can only think of this credibility as muscle or tork, it is what gets things done some times.

When I think of the age of conceptualization and creativity I am hoping a little intellectual muscle will help me get the lid off the jar of teacher leadership in my school district.


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