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Head Start plays with State PKs

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Lead from the Start: Head Start plays with State PKs

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Head Start plays with State PKs

Head Start is going to have to learn to share and play fair. An article published last week in EdWeek is an excellent summary of where Head Start's place in the national PK movement. Once HEad Start was the only kid on the block, now there are other kids to play with. Though some localities have fought the movement the National agency has taken proactive steps to encourage Head Start and PK collaboration.
The director of my program has done an excellent job in cooperation with Richmond's Virginia Perschool Initiative. Each year we take another step towards providing effective services to preschoolers in Richmond. We are starting joint registration and some training this year. I wonder what we will do next year. As a former teacher for VPI and current teacher for Head Start, I am totally psyched to work collaboratively with both organizations.
I wonder if Richmonders have any suggestions. If you do leave a comment.



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