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Friday, March 30, 2007

Try it, you might like it!

The arguments against Optional Universal Preschool that really frustrate me are that it will cost too much money. (along side) What if it doesn't help middle class kids? We'll never know until we try it, kind of like broccoli. There is no research that shows the benefits because it hasn't been tried before.

I just read on Alexander Russo's blog about the Universal PK "juggernaut" facing challenges because no one can agree on what kind of credentials a PK teacher needs. Eventually, I think we should all have teaching certification and endorsement in preschool but, that is a long way off. We can't wait until the staff is all certified to open the preschool. We are going to have to face reality and train some folks, help others get certified, and even start offering incentives to teach preschool, because, unless you work for a preschool program that is funded through a public school, you are probably not going to make enough money to keep being a preschool teacher after you get certified.



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