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Lead from the Start: English Language and the Keys to the Castle

Sunday, April 01, 2007

English Language and the Keys to the Castle

This quote from a latino mother sums up why I made my speech to the Board of Ed. this week.
"My mother didn't have any kind of education at all, so it was hard for her to read a book even in Spanish." But Gomez has a different routine with Angie. "Every night we read a book," she said. "Now it's normal."

This is from a Washington Post article by Maria Glod. It talks about the inculturation of recent immigrants and how they come to understand the education meritocracy of America.

Helping English Language Learners understand the relationship between reading and economic success is difficult but, if you can get the preschoolers to be excited it is much easier to get the parents on board.

Hopefully more of these articles will surface in favor of preschool for all students.



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