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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Backlash Backer

The amount of detail in NCLB is similar to the detail in a local school board's policy. Of course a local school board knows the schools, the students, the teachers, and the administration.

David S. Broder had an Op -Ed in the The Washington Post today on the backlash of NCLB. I have been taking a course on NCLB this semester and I have learned a great deal. I even did a comparison of the 1994 ESEA (or the IASA) and the 2002 ESEA (or NCLB) The difference is amazing. THe 94 ESEA had words like "If" and "to the extent practicable" NCLB only says the state "will" or blah blah blah will happen...

This is my favorite quote:

"the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, an education think tank, are critical of No Child Left Behind and the Education Department for getting too deeply enmeshed in the day-to-day routine of schools, instead of emphasizing the goal of proficiency in key subjects and encouraging states to find their own best methods of teaching, then testing for results."

Let me just say.... exactly. This is what teachers have been saying but, because of the clever name, we come off as whiners.

This was my second favorite quote:

There are ways to reinforce the goals of high proficiency for all students while reducing the bureaucratic regulations, and that should be the measuring stick for renewal of No Child Left Behind.

As part fo the choir I say, "Hallelujah!!!"


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