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Lead from the Start: Anthony Cody - King of Accountability Comedy

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Anthony Cody - King of Accountability Comedy

If I didn't know how Anthony Cody felt about accountability reform efforts I might be confused by his most recent post. In fact, if 3 or more exclamation points "!" weren't a valid indicator of sarcasm in blog posts I would think that Anthony actually worked for the Obama administration.

He says we should use accountability to fix health care, crime, and social work (all those people on drugs just need higher expectations from their social workers).

He says, "This accountability idea that No Child Left Behind (and now Race to the Top) has brought us is so fantastic! It is a great way to get our students performing better and get our schools all performing above average. Clearly we have had poor performance in the past because teachers figured why put much effort into getting the kids to do well, when we get paid for showing up, and they can't fire us anyway! That is why so many of us became teachers. That and the summers off! But if you pay us a bit extra, or better yet, base half our salary on the kids' test scores, I am sure the scores will go through the roof."

Thank goodness I know he doesn't really feel this good about NCLB/Race to the Top ed reform. For a big laugh check out his blog and careful not to get your tongue stuck in your cheek.


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