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Lead from the Start: Education Hero: David Weikart

Friday, February 19, 2010

Education Hero: David Weikart

One of the founders of child centered learning is interviewed. Thanks to High/Scope and the American Radio network for recording this and releasing so that we can see and hear the man. I told a young man recently, "I can always tell when another man has the capacity to be a great preschool teacher. Its in his voice and how he talks. You can hear patience in his voice and a passion for learning in his approach to conversation." You can definitely hear that in this interview from David Weikart. His approach to pre-k as an experiment has been a major influence on my decision to get into educational research and leadership. With out his groundbreaking and foundational work I am sure that Head Start would have been de-funded a long time ago.

Interview with Perry Preschool Founder David Weikart from American RadioWorks on Vimeo.


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