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Monday, July 28, 2008

Olympics 2.0 Pre-K-Style

In my last post I mentioned interacting with Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps in the classroom using Skype. I haven't gotten his address yet, although he does have email, but I did find this great resource for the Olympics. My beautiful wife tipped me off to this awesome website, Voices of the Olympic Games, that is hosting blogs by athletes from all over the world.
This is Margaux Isaksen, a 17-year-old from Arkansas.
Who knew you could and talk to and read about Olympic athletes in a preschool classroom?
I heard a story yesterday about the democratizing affects of the internet. Some think it only helps the loud and aggressive have a voice, I have to disagree. Helping a kid talk to an Olympic athlete could be a powerful experience especially for a 4-year-old who has never heard of the Olympics much less a pentathlete. What a cool way to teach the number five and Latin root words. Penta is five whether it is a shape or a competition.
Riding photo by Gerry Maceda from last week's riding camp.

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At 3:15 PM, Blogger Melissa B. said...

I think the Internet can be The Great Equalizer, if used correctly. If used incorrectly, it'll make us all dumb as dirt!


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