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Lead from the Start: a gaping hole where Reading First died

Saturday, June 21, 2008

a gaping hole where Reading First died

Reading First lays dead on the floor of congress. Killed by faulty implementation and good ol' boy accountability.

I have no great love for some of the scripted programs Reading First has paid for but, I do appreciate the Professional Learning Comminities it has created almost nationwide in schools where there were none. Teachers talking to each other about how to best teach their students is a good thing.

But congress, I want to know what happens when you remove $1 billion from reading education in the matter of two years.
What happened to Reading Recovery? What will happen to the funds? Who will lose out more in this political drama?

The kids or W.

Please congress if you don't want to fund Reading First, fund something for these kids. There is a gaping hole where learning might have happened.

Thanks to Early Ed Watch for timely coverage.

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At 5:36 PM, Blogger TeachMoore said...

Love this one, John, especially the opening. Sadly, this and other misconceived ed policies could have been cast and implemented more effectively if policymakers were more inclined to listen to those who actually do the work they claim they want to see...accomplished teachers.

At 6:19 AM, Blogger j m holland said...

Thanks for your comment Renee. I wasn't even aware of this until my professor told me about the political casualty. I was strongly against the program until I realized that there was a lot of learning taking place because of the funding that wasn't there before.

I guess I think something is better than nothing in this case. But I am hoping something better will come along.


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