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Lead from the Start: A disastrous Carnival

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A disastrous Carnival

The eduwonks weather a Technological storm and post EduWonks Carnival. Let the free exchange of thoughts begin.

Oh and by the way there was a catastrophe at the carnival (maybe it was a twister.)

The host states:
Special Note: Due to some disastrous technical troubles, (several hours of reading and work lost) we are presenting this week's midway "in the raw." That is, (pretty much) as they were submitted on the Blog Carnival submission form. Should corrections be needed, please contact us at: owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net.

We apologize to our readers and hope that our next effort is more worthy.
So in the way of trying to help here are some good "vendors" on this weeks midway. There may be more...

for the Word

Over at What It's Like on the Inside, the Science Goddess has online learing at it's best. And she has what happens when Censorchimps attack. (Related: Be sure to follow this link to her post on the school "tree killer." It seems as though every school does have at least one!)

for the longest best post title...

Last week's Carnival host Carol Richtsmeier presents Train Wrecks, Dr. Laura & Throwing Tinkerbell Under the Bus posted at Bellringers.

and this one well.. Just because Jose is awesome (and he linked to me which I didn't know when I picked it)

Jose presents Soft Like Baby Talc posted at The Jose Vilson.

because everything Bill writes is worth reading even if you don't agree...

Bill Ferriter presents Surviving Digital Frustration. . . posted at The Tempered Radical, saying, "In this post, the Tempered Radical offers words of advice for those who struggle to continue to move forward with digital learning experiences in the face of the all-powerful firewall."

and Nancy because she lives in A Strange Land and you can tell she almost doesn't believe this is all "Really Happening"
Nancy Flanagan presents SAVE THE CHILDREN posted at Teacher in a Strange Land, saying, "So now the answer to urban dysfunction is charter boarding schools?"

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At 5:11 PM, Anonymous Bill Ferriter said...

Hey Pal,

Thanks for the nod. I hope you know that I feel as strongly about your writing. You're just plain brilliant.

Rock on,

At 5:24 AM, Anonymous jose said...

Yeah you're definitely a good writer, and here's hoping that we meet somewhere down the line in future projects :-).


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