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Flight of the Albatross (Va Examines NCLB Opt-Out)

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Lead from the Start: Flight of the Albatross (Va Examines NCLB Opt-Out)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Flight of the Albatross (Va Examines NCLB Opt-Out)

The bird (The VA Opt-Out Bill) will fly, or at least hover in one place, until the wind dies down.

The bill that goes a half step towards not Opting out of NCLB will likely be signed by Gov. Kaine. The seagull like bill (that hovers in the air looking for scraps from the ED) will enable the VA - Board to examine whether VA should with draw from NCLB. Will it happen? What do you think?

From an Ed Week article by Mary Ann Zehr.

Under President Bush’s proposal for the fiscal 2009 K-12 federal education budget, Virginia is set to receive $416 million in federal education funding, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Education.

Gov. Kaine is “not going to throw that away,” Mr. Hickey said. He noted that the bill says simply that the board should study the issue, and the governor doesn’t have any problem with such a study, so he’ll likely support the bill.

This is on the heals of Virginia's half adopting expanded pre-k for all its children, by funding a $22 million increase instead of the $58 million requested by Kaine.

Isn't there a line dance called called the Virginia Reel? Maybe it should be the Virginia Half-step and become our state dance. Our General Assembly seems to know it all ready.

Video from Google videos and Killermont/Tron Church Hogmanay Ceilidh 2006 - Virginia Reel


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