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Lead from the Start: Test em' Young and You Might Get It Wrong

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Test em' Young and You Might Get It Wrong

Jennifer at Inside Pre-K has written a great diescription of why pre-k people have a hard time with standardized tests as quality indicators.

I believe firmly that assessments of any kind should be used to guide instruction at all grade levels. When teachers feel comfortable with their assessments and they are an accurate measure of students' abilities, they can be an invaluable tool in the classroom. However, when assessment is structured inappropriately or administered in an unfamiliar manner, it can yield inaccurate results.

Often policymakers like to describe teachers who reject tests as running from accountability. Trust me, most teachers hold themselves more responsible than anyone could ever hold them accountable.

She makes a great case for using multiple assessments in early-childhood. Give it a read and comment!

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At 7:06 AM, Blogger Melissa B. said...

When we lived in the city, we considered sending our oldest to private school. Well, these schools are pretty competitive, and "experts" say ya gotta get 'em in as pre-k, or they won't get in at all. Our daughter had to take a test--an assessment, really--that had to do with blocks and numbers and colors and other stuff. Well, she passed, but we decided to take a pass. Public school all the way, baby! BTW, on a completely different subject, it's that time of week again--Silly Sunday Sweepstakes time. Come on over and play along!


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